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Aly michalka and matt barr dating

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“She and [Dan] start to go out, and it creates a whole new triangle in the show.” The relationship won’t come easy, though, because Savannah isn’t exactly an open book. “In some scenes, I want to really go there with emotions and get emotional, but she’s really closed off, so I have to stop myself.It’s hard to keep everything inside, but she’s that character. She doesn’t let anyone in.” As for how Marti feels about her new friend dating her old friend, Michalka tells us, “It’s really weird for Marti.played a psychotic stalker on “One Tree Hill,” but his performance still resonates with the show’s passionate fans. Dan, her best friend, is her one stable link to “real life,” but even he can’t stay away from the Hellcats, especially since he is now dating the team captain, Savannah (Ashley Tisdale). “He is a contrast character to all of the cheerleading squad,” said Barr. There’s that Southern hospitality that reminds of where I’m from – Dallas, Texas.” No matter where he is, though, passionate “One Tree Hill” fans find him. So what brings head cheerleader Savannah (Tisdale) into the equation?“She’s used to dates being set up by the church, so she hasn’t had much of an experience with romance,” Tisdale tells us.

Alyson's sister Amanda 'AJ' Michalka was also on hand for the party.

“He enjoys playing the field, but he might be willing to settle down for a bit.” Barr said it was the characters that drew him to this show. “They’re the most hardcore fans I’ve ever met in my life,” Barr said. And that’s why it’s so fun for me, cause they love that character – at least, they enjoyed the story.

“They originally pitched it as a cheerleading show. No matter what the setting is this is interesting drama.” “Interesting drama” is certainly what he delivered on “One Tree Hill,” playing arguably the creepiest stalker in the show’s history (and there have been plenty). “It’s like being a kid, dressing up and playing GI Joe. I don’t know how often guys like me get to play characters like that. ’One Tree Hill’ fans know everything, and they are going to be there.

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Heard odd sildenafil citrate I never i expensive daily cialis that Spray camping. today and probably got stopped three times in the airport from ‘One Tree Hill’ fans,” he told me this summer while promoting his new CW series, “Hellcats.” Dan Patch, his “Hellcats” character, seems much more stable than “Psycho Derek,” who stalked Pyeton (Hilarie Burton) for much of the fourth season on “One Tree Hill.” Dan is the best friend of Marti (Aly Michalka ), who joins her college cheerleading team for the scholarship money and must now balance that competitive cut-throat world with her pre-law studies.