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is the result of the author’s long, hazy odyssey into the vortex of two deeply misunderstood bands and the communities surrounding them.

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It’s believed he survived the initial attack but not the infection. A local tribe, the Umatilla, had claimed the Kennewick Man as an ancestor; the Native American group wanted to lay the skeleton to rest according to custom.Chatters, who had teamed up with paleoanthropologists like the Smithsonian Institute’s renowned bone expert Douglas Owsley, resisted. In one corner were the scientists, who over the years have wanted to sequence the Kennewick Man’s DNA and scrape his molars to see what he ate.Chatters scoured the site on the Columbia River, finding an almost complete skeleton in freshly-eroded mud.While he was alive, the Kennewick Man had had a rough existence: One arm was withered, as though crushed, and he had been stabbed in the hip with a rock spear with the serrated tip embedding itself in his pelvic bone. Army Corps of Engineers, which had control over the Columbia River property, caught wind of the bones’ ancient age, the agency demanded the remains.The researchers now believe that Kennewick Man was carefully and respectfully buried on his back after surviving a broken rib, mild arthritis, and a projectile point lodged in his hip before he died of unknown causes roughly around the age of 40.“He led a hard life, but he was very robust,” says Douglas Owsley, a forensic anthropologist with the Smithsonian Institution, who oversaw the tests.A strong right arm suggests that the 5’9” tall Kennewick Man was an able paddler and atlatl thrower.The skull and a few other bones then passed from the sheriff’s office to the coroner to a local forensic anthropologist, James Chatters, until someone carbon dated a finger and realized the remains were about Thomas and Deacy believed they had found a victim of murder or suicide.

These remains provide Owsley and other scientists the opportunity to apply their increasingly sophisticated techniques to understand how these people lived and where they came from.

Then Chatters sent off a bone fragment from Kennewick Man to be carbon dated.

“When the lab technician called, she asked if I was sitting down,” Chatters recalled.

“Look, Dave,” he reportedly told his friend Dave Deacy.

It was 1996, and the college students were trying to sneak into a boat race near Kennewick, a small city in the southeast corner of Washington.