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Original Adventure was written in the programming language FORTRAN and was designed to run on the Mainframes and Minicomputers of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Small creases, tears, bends or ink marks can cut the price of a postcard up to half!

Below are some links to information about postcard collecting generally, including tips for dating postcards and links to websites that sell postcards.

collecting postcards can be a very rewarding pastime that can be as broad or as narrow as you'd like, and can be undertaken absolutely anywhere in the world. Hopefully, family members have not thrown a lot of them away.

Even Queen Victoria is thought to have had her own postcard collection, so it's certainly a hobby that has both pedigree and time behind it. When I get more organized with them, I intend on selling them.

Most of the Caulkins' postcard photos show scenes in the villages of Tioga County, but as above, some are photos of the people who inhabited the area.

Below is a table, which will be developed over time, of other Caulkins Postcards already on the site. If you have examples of Caulkins Postcards, please send them to me in HIGH resolution JPG scans.

Please note that the online sales sites listed below are not owned, endorsed or monitored by the TPC!

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If you're keen to do something with the postcards you've got stashed at home or you're wondering whether or not to indulge in buying them every time you're traveling or sightseeing, perhaps deltiology will open up a new world of collecting for you.

Cards can range from a few cents apiece to the hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars each!

I am sorting out all the ones I already have to get them listed and presented here. One postcard I have that does not have his characteristic etching on its face, says on the back "Put out by Caulkins Mansfield PA." (Shown below) If you can send in any specific information on him or her, please do.

I do not even have a first name or initial for the person.