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I noticed today that button click event handlers are firing twice for me in some cases when the button is inside an Update Panel -- but only in Firefox.

I'm wondering if this might have to do with the Firefox update that came out today because I never noticed this problem until today. One possible reason: Check your button declaration in your source.

sanitize "down" to do nothing when last Active is on last grid row Changes 2 and 3 are probably not important for you, because select Row handles this situation and does nothing.

I just needed to have clean calls to select Range for my server notifications.

The select Row function gets called again from within the Row Selection Model This works for me, I use modified Row Selection Model: 1. sanitized "up" to do nothing when last Active is 0 (active carret is on the first row and there is no room to move up) 3.

Maybe this rowclick event is there for some good reason, but in my case it causes troubles and I don't want to clutter my code with detections of redundant select Row calls. If a grid is drag and drop enabled, the following 3 functions get called twice: beforerowselect rowselect selectionchange The reason for this is that the internal Drag Source component that gets added to the Grid, calls the select Row function on the Row Selection Model component via its handle Mouse Down event.

This is causing problems when I attempt to update the value of a field as during the 2nd fire of the event data is lost. Data Bind() End Sub Protected Sub grd Combinations_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Panel with card layout (called viewport and I will refer to it as such from now on) defining the important sections of my application.

This occurs on multiple panels and I have determined that that even a simple panel with nothing but some HTML in it will fire the activate event twice. This solves the problem when running actions from panel, but in new MVC model one should set all the actions in controller and controller only.

One obvious workaround is to change the button type to a regular button or a link button.

If you need an Image Button, then you can put an Image Button in a Template Field.