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However, the CLR based approach does have to output 113K rows to the console (vs. Transaction Date) AS Max Date FROM [Production].[Transaction History] AS TH GROUP BY TH. Reference Order ID) IS NULL THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Lastt Row Flag, t. Filter Flag -- define this column to avoid another sort at the end FROM Production. Transaction Date RANGE BETWEEN INTERVAL 45 DAY PRECEDING AND CURRENT ROW) FROM Production. Unfortunately, the overall elapsed time of both approaches is very similar at about half a second each. Transaction Date), 0, 1) ) t (Actual Cost, Transaction Date, Order Flag, Filter Flag) ) tt WHERE tt. Dedicated chat room: I have created a public chat room for discussions related to this question and its answers. Reference Order ID OPTION (MAXDOP 1); On my machine this took 2464ms of CPU time without the covering index. There are certainly other ways to use windows functions to get the desired result. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Performance is always a consideration, so solutions should be at least reasonably efficient. id=Hy Wxh GVBl I think that there is room for improvement in the above query.The table was quite large, billions of rows, so moving data could take quite a bit of time.He wanted all the existing table in one partition, and then new data loaded in the future to be placed in new partitions.When the digital currency Bitcoin came to life in January 2009, it was noticed by almost no one apart from the handful of programmers who followed cryptography discussion groups.

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If you update the values in any Wallet Transaction object, which is contributing to the data of a Wallet Item object, make sure to call Wallet Item Store.Dear all Hi I'm new to Qlikview and I want to calculate the average number of days between each purchase for customers.LOAD * INLINE [ Customer ID, Transcastion Time, Sales 101, 2015-09-11, 32 102, 2015-09-12, 11 101, 2015-09-18, 20 101, 2015-10-13, 25 102, 2015-08-18, 14 103, 2010-07-09, 22 103, 2014-09-03, 16 104, 2015-03-08, 19]; For example for Customer ID=102 it would return 33.Update Async (passing that Wallet Item object) to commit the changes to the backing wallet store.The Tag manager is a Google tool that manages the tags on the website.However, the creation of the clustered index copy the data pages from the old structure (heap or existing clustered index) to the new structure – even if it is on the same filegroup.