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Who is hyori lee dating

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He first debuted in the movie 'The Hotel Venus' (Japanese Production).

His first drama appearance was in 'Star's Echo', a two part mini drama series by MBC and Fuji TV in 2004.

His next role was to play the supporting character, Seo Jung Woo, in the 2005 hit drama 'My Girl'.

It was from this drama that he had changed his image, from a homosexual clown to a wealthy play boy.

Dear film directors and producers, Lee Kwang Soo is totally different from other male actors. He works hard and people can see how good his acting is.

im one of your fans and youll be forever PRINCE of ASIA . i smile hhhhhhhhhhhh he is the best he is so funny XD love running man and kwang soo thank for every time you make me happy and allways smiling komawoyooooooooo love yaaa !! Because if in drama I can watch him more than in movie .

Ji Hyo started crying and Kwang Soo got so serious. So LKS is suits enough to play as a protagonist of this drama regarding to (we all know) his funny character in Running Man Kwangsoo new drama is the sound of your heart and entourage .... I'm speechless, maybe sometimes he overreacted, but isn't that's his style? Just try to look at his pictures when he becomes a model. I know he's a great actor and all but some dramas take really long until you can see the next episode. But he can't leaving RM because LKS once said that RM is his family and he won't leaving or betraying a family to pursue other project since RM are to precious to him because RM that make him big and make him an halyu star he won't leaving RM until RM are stop being aired or got cancelled.

SEE ALSO: Lee Hyori goes bare with a no-makeup pictorial in 'W Korea' Currently, photos of Lee Hyori and IU in filming for the new show are roaming the web.The two stars are captured dressed in casual attire.According to netizens, Lee Hyori and IU were shopping at a jewelry store.Due to these roles, Lee's popularity sparked, allowing him to become not only well-known in Korea but also throughout Asia and overseas.Other movies and dramas he has completed are 'Virgin Snow', 'May 18', 'Time Between Dog and Wolf' and his successful drama 'Iljimae', in 2008.I must feel sorry for them because I dream about talking things through with them." To people who are being like wtf, you have to realize the conversation is out of context and allkpop doesn't give you the full translation of the video clip. Also they seem happily married and clearly trust each other enough to say these kind of things to each other and joke about it.